zombies love carnivals + soap

although the summer doesnt bode well for zombies (all that rotting flesh doesnt mix well with the sun), there are moments where the decomposition is totally worth it. july through september equals carnival time!!! nothing brings out those inner zombie children more than spending an hour two at the carny. the unique blend of cotton candy, hotdogs, popcorn, candy apples and all the rest of the food thats so bad its good produces smiles on even the most undead out there. so here at the zombie factory we are proud to introduce our carnival ttv prints. these were taken over the weekend and are currently available in our etsy shop.

also, being surrounded by all that yummy goodness has trickled over into the work week and we couldnt help but attempt to bring some of those scents home with us. if you're into smelling like sweet cotton candy or fruity candy check out these two etsy shops where we purchased some so-delicious-you-might-try-to-eat-them handmade soaps. treat yourself - im sure you'll find the scent that is perfect for you! what we chose:

spun sugar by

eye candy soap by theprimpantry

and lastly, this weekend is the monthly long beach artwalk so all you lbc zombies should come out and pick up some goodies or get electricuted - whichever you're in the mood for. if you'd like more information about this saurday click here. 'til then, keep your cabinets well stocked and your weapons handy - the zombie army can rise when you least expect it! have a happy undead day. <3