zombie factory at glasshouse

attention all southern california zombies,

stop the presses! aside from catching us at our usual artwalk in downtown long beach on the 13th - make sure you clear saturday, september 20th on your calendar because zombie factory will be taking part in a very special event called the punk rock swap meet. bad ass companies like kid robot, paul frank and obey will be featured at the glass house in pomona. zombie factory will be taking part in the special etsy section which will be home to handmade artists + fellow etsians like luckyfinddesigns, my friend roze + skull flower. if you're in the area or are looking for something to do, please make sure to stop by between 10am - 3pm and say hello! the best part about this? its FREE! plus, we'll be introducing brand new items and ,of course, we would love to meet all of you zombies out there. for more information click here and hell yes, bitches! see you all soon.

til then, lock those doors!


zombies love boopsie dolls

guess who got a boopsie doll? ME!
let me introduce the newest addition to my zombie family - miss jane insane! she comes complete with dead spiral eye and a brain icecream cone covered in real candy sprinkles. if you havent heard of boopsie then get your undead butt over there and take a look. her shop is filled with delicious prints, dollies galore and lickable buttons. trust me, the creative juices flowing from your screen just might short circuit your keyboard! aside from owning one of the bestest shops at etsy - she also happens to be a very dear + personal friend of the zombie factory. so what are you doing still reading this? head on over to the boopsie mart and pick up some goodies today! <3


fuck you + eat me

so what's better than cupcakes and swear words? mixing them together thats what! we are excited to introduce our cute+vulgar hair clips. tell the world how you really feel and look super cute while doing it! please check out our etsy store for these and other new pendants!

also, thanks to all those who came out to the art walk on saturday! we always love meeting new zombies and appreciate all those who want to get electrocuted! :) make sure to check back later this week as we will be introducing something brand spanking new to the shop! til then, keep your doors locked and your aim sharp. <3


zombies love carnivals + soap

although the summer doesnt bode well for zombies (all that rotting flesh doesnt mix well with the sun), there are moments where the decomposition is totally worth it. july through september equals carnival time!!! nothing brings out those inner zombie children more than spending an hour two at the carny. the unique blend of cotton candy, hotdogs, popcorn, candy apples and all the rest of the food thats so bad its good produces smiles on even the most undead out there. so here at the zombie factory we are proud to introduce our carnival ttv prints. these were taken over the weekend and are currently available in our etsy shop.

also, being surrounded by all that yummy goodness has trickled over into the work week and we couldnt help but attempt to bring some of those scents home with us. if you're into smelling like sweet cotton candy or fruity candy check out these two etsy shops where we purchased some so-delicious-you-might-try-to-eat-them handmade soaps. treat yourself - im sure you'll find the scent that is perfect for you! what we chose:

spun sugar by

eye candy soap by theprimpantry

and lastly, this weekend is the monthly long beach artwalk so all you lbc zombies should come out and pick up some goodies or get electricuted - whichever you're in the mood for. if you'd like more information about this saurday click here. 'til then, keep your cabinets well stocked and your weapons handy - the zombie army can rise when you least expect it! have a happy undead day. <3


a zombie quickie

guess what, zombies?!
new items are up and at 'em over at the zombie factory - run dont walk and pick up some goodies today. ;) sorry for the lack of updates, more items are on the way so make sure to check back next week for some delicious new pieces. til then - keep your doors locked!